Zenith – the point at which something is most powerful or successful

Supporting Illawarra and Shoalhaven businesses with their people, culture and leadership development.

At Zenith HR we work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs. We provide a range of HR services to help your business pursue and maintain success. Our mission is to get the best out of your people because we believe that happy people means healthy business.

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“It’s all about the relationships. I remember when I started my first consulting business, I joined a national network and my business coach said to me “you need to sell, sell, sell”. To this I said “I am not a salesperson and will never be a salesperson, but I can build relationships”

I started consulting in 2007 and I quickly learnt that there are two key elements to building a successful business – clear, honourable strategic goals and strong, positive relationships. These fundamental principles are at the core of my consulting practice. This is how it all begins.

At Zenith HR we support organisations in achieving their strategic goals. Sometimes this means establishing them first! Strategic goals act as a kind of road map for your company; they guide and direct decisions and set a clear path; without them, it is easy to get lost and lose the integrity of your company.

Once these are established, I want to create healthy relationships and workplace cultures. I work with people and leaders to build meaningful and cohesive working relationships that foster performance and productivity in the workplace.

It’s about forming common goals and building teams that are invested, motivated and excited by the pursuit of these goals. This means establishing clear lines of communication, a sense of pride and a culture of mutual respect.

Put simply, at Zenith HR we assist organisations to reach and sustain their Zenith! 

I look forward to working with your business.

Judy Barker

Our Partners

Acacia Connection is our trusted Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. An EAP provides confidential and effective solution-focused counselling to employees and their families. Acacia is there for you and your employees, to care, guide and counsel you when you need extra support. Acacia Connection recognises the importance of a high-quality counselling service and its benefits for your employees, not only at work but in their home life as well as the benefits to your employees local communities.

Acacia Connection is a leader in human resource risk management services and is known for its commitment to innovation and research. Zenith HR, in partnership with Acacia Connection can tailor an EAP program that is the perfect fit for your organisation.